CAS 1202044-20-9 Pure Research Chemicals Ostarine SARMS MK 2866 For Weight Loss
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CAS 1202044-20-9  Pure Research Chemicals Ostarine SARMS MK 2866 For Weight Loss
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Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China
Brand Name: Pharma Grade
Certification: ISO,GMP
Model Number: 1202044-20-9
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bulking cycle steroids


sarms anabolic steroids

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Supply Ability: 1000kg/month
Name: Ostarine
Other Name: MK-2866
CAS No.: 1202044-20-9
Purity: 99.5%
Formula: C19H14F3N3O3
Boiling Point: 632.261 °C At 760 MmHg
Product Description

SARMs Ostarine (MK-2866) Anabolic Steroids CAS 1202044-20-9 for weight loss and build muscle




CAS 1202044-20-9  Pure Research Chemicals Ostarine SARMS MK 2866 For Weight Loss 0




Selective androgen receptor modulators may be used by athletes to assist in training and increase physical stamina and fitness, potentially producing effects similar to anabolic steroids.

For research.




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Lean muscle gains (bulking)


Ostarine is the most anabolic of any SARMS, making its first and foremost use for wanting to gain lean muscle. The gains in total weight will not be comparable to bulking steroids, however the total gains will almost entirely be lean muscle.

The gains that are made on ostarine are very keepable and users generally see an increase of up to 7 lbs. of lean body mass over and 8 week cycle at 25mg day (diet dependent). The most common dosage is 25 mg for 8 weeks. The side effects that one encounters with steroid use will not be present on cycle.

Generally, with ostarine, the higher the dosage, the more suppression. Although suppression is minimal and is nowhere comparable to suppression that one encounters on steroids, any cycle of ostarine over a 4 weeks period requires a 3 week mini pct. A serm is not required in this pct.


Losing Bodyfat (cutting)


Ostarine would primarily fit into a cutting protocol for the maintenance of muscle mass while reducing calories. One of the most disheartening outcomes of cutting is the loss hard earned muscle mass. The drop in metabolic rate and hormone levels (T3, IGF, Testosterone etc) with the lack of calories is a perfect catabolic environment for loss of muscle tissue. As Ostarine has anabolic effects, the dieter can cut calories without having to worry about muscle or strength loss. Ostarine has also shown noticeable nutrient partitioning effects among users, another reason why it can be of great help when cutting.


A 15-20 mg dosing protocol for 6-8 weeks is good for cutting with Ostarine without undergoing any side effects or high suppression. However it must be stated that due to the lack of androgenicity, muscle hardness and overall results are not as prominent as with the SARM S-4.


CAS 1202044-20-9  Pure Research Chemicals Ostarine SARMS MK 2866 For Weight Loss 2

Fitness Tips~~


The Stiff-legged Deadlift is a comprehensive training that allows the biceps to reach the limit. Generally, the barbell is used, and the professional athletes change the barbell to a dumbbell before the game to depict the biceps line.

Target muscle group: biceps femoris
It is a comprehensive training exercise that mainly exercises the biceps femoris, but also involves the hip muscles and the erector spinae.

Action essentials:

1. Open your feet, slightly narrower than your shoulders; bend forward and do not bend your knees. Use the positive grip bar for both hands, the shoulder width is hanging in front of the body, or you can hold a pair of dumbbells at the same time. Do not bow your head.

2. Straight knee forward to the upper body parallel to the ground, then the lower back muscle contraction force, the front of the spine, pull up the barbell into the starting position. The waist of the bell and the restoration process should be tight, and the chest should not be included.

1. Keep your legs upright and your knees should not bend. Pay attention to the difference between the straight leg deadlift and the bent leg deadlift: the deadlift in the traditional sense refers to the hard leg of the flexion leg, and the weight of the exercise is more inclined to the erector spinae of the lower back.

2. In order to fully stimulate the biceps femoris, stand in parallel with the width of the hip. In order to improve the difficulty and strength, you can use the straight leg straight pull to pull the barbell and do not touch the ground. The purpose is to maintain the tension of the biceps and the lower back, so that the force is concentrated on the target muscle.

3. To control the weight, the movement is stable, the waist and the process of lifting and restoring should be tight, and the chest should not be included. When lifting the barbell to the limit, the waist should not be tilted back, otherwise it will easily cause lumbar injury.

4. Grip instructions: In the past, many bodybuilders used a positive and negative grip, and now they tend to hold their hands, because the positive grip can better control the barbell to make the body smooth, and the positive and negative will cause the barbell to rotate. The torso will also be twisted, which will easily cause waist damage.


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