Safe Hygetropin Growth Hormone , Natural HGH Supplements 8iu/Vial 200iu/Box
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Safe Hygetropin Growth Hormone , Natural HGH Supplements 8iu/Vial 200iu/Box
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China
Brand Name: Pharma Grade
Certification: ISO,GMP
Model Number: 200iu
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hygetropin growth hormone


human chorionic gonadotropin hormone

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 8iu/vial ,200iu/kit
Delivery Time: within 24 hours after payment
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T,bank transfer,Bitocin
Supply Ability: 1000kit per week
Name: Hygetropin
Other Name: Hygetropin Hgh
Purity: 99.5%
Cas: 96827-07-5
Usage: Muscle Growth
Feature: Natural , Healthy
Product Description

Natural Human Growth Hormone Hygetropin 8iu/vial* 200iu/box for weight loss

200iu/kit  Hygetropin:

Product name:Hygetropin hgh
Other names:Hygetropin hgh/hgh/191aa
Appearance;white powder
Payment methods:Western Union,money Gram,Bank transfer
Delivery;within 3 days after payment received.
Usage:For anti-aging, general health & healing, fat mobilization




Taitropin, typically used for the treatmentof dwarfism. It has anabolic effects, may increase muscular physique, but also for people in childhood and adolescence, bone growth, and strengthen the tendons and increase the internal organs. Athletes using growth hormone primarily for building muscle and increasing strength.Different organs of the body can fight aging, elimination of sub-health status, providing the body the energy of youth organ recovery chain, to improve the sensitivity of peripheral and central nervous system cell viability, inhibit the body's organs aging. Full body can adjust to the young state.Because HGH can improve physiological decline caused by premature aging, deep sleep regulation, improve fatigue, looking shiny, red, hair loss, reduced abdominal fat reduction,improved immune system. After a course of treatment using the body's physiological functions of tissues and organs return to the level 5 years ago, played a fundamental life and health, the excellent anti-aging effect.Substantial increase in bone density,Improved vision, cholesterol & blood pressure.Yellowish or white loose powder, when dissolved with water for injection, the reconstituted solution should be clear, transparent and has no insoluble substance visible to naked eyes..




· Restful sleep (even for insomniacs)

· Improved mood and sense of well being

· Hair color restoration and growth

· Return of vitality, energy, stamina

· Improved memory, alertness & concentration

· Substantial increase in bone density

· Improved vision, cholesterol & blood pressure

· Faster recovery from injuries


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Safe Hygetropin Growth Hormone , Natural HGH Supplements 8iu/Vial 200iu/Box 0



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Safe Hygetropin Growth Hormone , Natural HGH Supplements 8iu/Vial 200iu/Box 1



Fitness tips~~


Recommended for mid-back exercise: pull the cable horizontally!
Everyone is paying attention to these facial muscles of the anterior triangle biceps of the chest muscles! It is often overlooked that the muscles in the mid-back exercise, long-term chest and back lead to muscle imbalance, which is a very bad situation!
In addition, many people have a bad posture in sedentary life, including chest shoulders and so on! This has a lot to do with the lack of muscle strength in the mid-back muscles!
A good mid-back (diamond, trapezius) beam strength can help stabilize the scapula and make you more secure in your workout!
At the same time, it can help you improve your bad posture. The main function of the concentric contraction of the rhomboid muscle and the trapezius muscle is to collect the shoulder blade and pull back the state of your chest! Let your posture be more straight!

Today I want to introduce you to a simple and easy-to-operate action to help strengthen your mid-back muscles: rope shoulder abduction!
This is a great action, easy to learn, especially for beginners, for experienced trainers you can use as a normal auxiliary training or warm-up action!
Usually we use elastic bands, tensioners and fixed instruments as resistance to reverse birds!
How to do?

1. Stand facing the tensioner and grasp the cable with both hands! The arms are straight and the shoulders are close to 90
2. The elbow is slightly bent, the elbow is fixed, and the shoulder blade is lifted and the arm is lifted out!
Stay out for a second while outreaching to the body, and spin your shoulders! Try to squeeze the shoulder blades and feel your upper back and deltoid muscles tighten! Then there is a controlled restore!
10-15 groups in each group.
Use the shoulder blade to clip the cable outwards (the shoulder blade is closed). Imagine a shoulder blade that can hold a pen!

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