Natural HGH Hygetropin Growth Hormone 200iu/100iu Per Box Cas 96827-07-5 For Men
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Natural HGH Hygetropin Growth Hormone 200iu/100iu Per Box Cas 96827-07-5 For Men
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China
Brand Name: Pharma Grade
Certification: ISO,GMP
Model Number: 200iu
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hygetropin growth hormone


human chorionic gonadotropin hormone

Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: 8iu/vial ,200iu/kit
Delivery Time: within 24 hours after payment
Payment Terms: Western Union, MoneyGram, T/T,bank transfer,Bitocin
Supply Ability: 1000kit per week
Name: Hygetropin
Other Name: Hygetropin Hgh
Purity: 99.5%
Cas: 96827-07-5
Usage: Muscle Growth
Feature: Natural, Healthy
Product Description

Legal Natural hgh Hygetropin 200iu/100iu per box for men human growth hormone

200iu/kit  Hygetropin:

Product name:Hygetropin hgh
Other names:Hygetropin hgh/hgh/191aa
Appearance;white powder
Payment methods:Western Union,money Gram,Bank transfer
Delivery;within 3 days after payment received.
Usage:For anti-aging, general health & healing, fat mobilization




Taitropin, typically used for the treatmentof dwarfism. It has anabolic effects, may increase muscular physique, but also for people in childhood and adolescence, bone growth, and strengthen the tendons and increase the internal organs. Athletes using growth hormone primarily for building muscle and increasing strength.Different organs of the body can fight aging, elimination of sub-health status, providing the body the energy of youth organ recovery chain, to improve the sensitivity of peripheral and central nervous system cell viability, inhibit the body's organs aging. Full body can adjust to the young state.Because HGH can improve physiological decline caused by premature aging, deep sleep regulation, improve fatigue, looking shiny, red, hair loss, reduced abdominal fat reduction,improved immune system. After a course of treatment using the body's physiological functions of tissues and organs return to the level 5 years ago, played a fundamental life and health, the excellent anti-aging effect.Substantial increase in bone density,Improved vision, cholesterol & blood pressure.Yellowish or white loose powder, when dissolved with water for injection, the reconstituted solution should be clear, transparent and has no insoluble substance visible to naked eyes..




· Restful sleep (even for insomniacs)

· Improved mood and sense of well being

· Hair color restoration and growth

· Return of vitality, energy, stamina

· Improved memory, alertness & concentration

· Substantial increase in bone density

· Improved vision, cholesterol & blood pressure

· Faster recovery from injuries


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Fitness Tips:


Half wall
If it is said that "small half a squat" is necessary for daily exercise exercises in conjunction with "squatting in the wall" and "squatting in the ground", "wall squatting" is painful in the knee joint injury. An exercise that must be practiced at the time. It has a strong corrective repair function and health care function. If you have time, practice exercises are of course beneficial.
Our knee ligament is very characteristic, it is a very complicated large joint, and its ligament can be said to be crisscrossed. We can tell you in a very vivid sentence. The knee joint is a section of the railway police. This angle is that some ligaments are working. The angle and use characteristics of the angle ligament are different. Therefore, the knee joint exercise method should be used when doing static exercise. Change the different angles, this is the wall of the ligament exercise.

Specific method: First, stand straight against the wall, then take a foot about 30 cm forward, and the other foot will follow, and the body of the hand will kneel down, to what extent? If your knee is in what Angle pain, it will hit your knee joint pain position, hold it, how long does it take? Three minutes to do a group can also be done in five minutes, if the body is better, you can do very twenty Minutes can be; if it is general fitness? This action can be done in three angles, do it at 90 degrees, then hold the wall slowly up to 100 degrees, then go up, the foot is wrong later, do it again at 120 degrees, the time is the same as before. It would be very good to practice back and forth.

Feel that the tibia and ligaments on the anterior side of your knees are hard and hard, and this is an effective exercise. Three angles of exercise are also suitable for the average person to step up and down the pain.

The above movements are very simple, but they are all very tired. This exercise is done for young adults and injured after exercise. It can improve the quality of the leg ligaments, knees and muscles.

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