Injectable Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG 5000iu/Vial Cas 96827-07-5
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Injectable Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG 5000iu/Vial Cas 96827-07-5
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China
Brand Name: Pharma Grade
Certification: ISO,GMP
Model Number: 100iu
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hygetropin growth hormone


human chorionic gonadotropin hcg

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Packaging Details: 10iu/vial,100iu/kit
Delivery Time: within 3 working days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram,Bank transfer and bitcoin
Supply Ability: 1000kits per week
Name: HCG
Other Name: Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) For Injection
Cas: 96827-07-5
Purity: 99%
Usage: Human Growth Hormone
Feature: Natural And Healthy
Product Description

LIVZON HCG 5000iu/vial,10vials/box Chorionic gonadotropin for bodybuilder

Basic Information


Type of medicine Basic medicine


Drug Name Chorionic


English name

Chorionic Gonadotrophin


Chinese name

chorionic gonadotropin; pituitary gonadotropin


English alias

Antuitrin S; Gonatrophin




Quick Details:

【Drug Type】 Injection
[Chinese name] Chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) for injection
[product English name] Chorionic Gonadotrophin for Injection
【Indications】 1. Diagnosis and treatment of puberty before puberty.
[Pharmaceutical properties] This product is a white lyophilized cake or powder.
Storage method Shading, sealed, and stored in a dry place.
【Adverse reactions】
1. For ovulation induction, it is more common to induce ovarian cysts or mild to moderate ovarian enlargement, with mild bloating, stomach pain, pelvic pain, generally can be resolved within 2 to 3 weeks, rare is Severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, due to the significant increase in vascular permeability, rapid accumulation of body fluids in the thoracic cavity, abdominal cavity and pericardial cavity caused by a variety of complications, such as decreased blood volume, electrolyte imbalance, blood concentration, abdominal bleeding, thrombosis Form and so on. Clinical manifestations include severe pain in the abdomen or pelvis, indigestion, edema, decreased urine output, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea, shortness of breath, swelling of the lower extremities, etc. It often occurs 7 to 10 days after ovulation or after the end of treatment, the reaction is serious and life-threatening.
2. Male precocious puberty may occur when used to treat cryptorchidism
Chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) for injection
Chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) for injection
[Product Specifications] 1000 units
[Pharmaceutical Ingredients] This product is a freeze-dried sterile product of chorionic gonadotropin plus suitable excipients. Its potency should be 80% to 125% of the labeled amount. Excipients are: mannitol
1. Adult dosage:
(1) Hypogonadism caused by insufficient male gonadotropin function, intramuscular injection of 1000-4000 units, 2-3 times a week for several weeks to several months. In order to promote sperm production, the treatment needs to last for 6 months or longer. If the number of sperm is less than 5 million/ml, urinary stimulating hormone should be combined for about 12 months. (2) ovulation induction, for women anovulatory infertility or in vitro fertilization, one day after the last administration of postmenopausal gonadotropin or 5-7 days after the last administration of clomiphene quinone, 5000-10000 units, continuous Treatment for 3-6 cycles, such as no effect withdrawal.
[Storage method] Store in a cool, dark place (not to exceed 20 °C).


The main ingredient of this product is chorionic gonadotropin, plus suitable excipients, freeze-dried sterile products. Chorionic gonadotropin is a chorionic gonadotropin extracted from the urine of pregnant women.
Excipient name: dextran, mannitol, wate
r for injection.



Source (name), content (potency)
This product is a chorionic gonadotropin extracted from the urine of pregnant women. The potency per 1 mg should not be less than 4,500 units.
Legal requirements
This product should be extracted from the urine of healthy people, and the production process should comply with the current version of the "Good Manufacturing Practices". This product needs to be treated by a suitable process in the production process to remove or inactivate any viruses such as hepatitis virus, human immunodeficiency virus and prion.

This product is a white or off-white powder.
This product is soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol, acetone or ether.
According to the method under the measurement of the potency, the results should be such that the uterus of the female mice can gain weight.
an examination

Three female mice weighing 18-20 g were taken and the ovaries were removed. 2 to 3 weeks later, subcutaneous injection of 1250 units of sodium chloride injection per 1ml, 0.2ml each time, the first day of the afternoon, the second day of the afternoon, the afternoon, the third day of the morning; On the fourth, fifth, and sixth mornings, the mice were washed with a small amount of sodium chloride injection to make a vaginal smear, which was observed under a low power microscope and should not be positive (positive reaction means Most of the tablets are keratinocytes or epithelial cells).
remaining solvent

Take 0.1g of this product, accurately weigh it, place it in the empty bottle, add 2ml of water to dissolve, seal, and use it as a sample solution; take another amount of absolute ethanol, accurately weigh it, and dilute with water to make 0.25mg per 1ml. The solution was accurately weighed in 2 ml, placed in an empty bottle, sealed, and used as a reference solution. According to the residual solvent determination method (2010 edition of the second edition of Appendix VIIIP of the Pharmacopoeia), using polyethylene glycol as the fixing solution; the initial temperature is 60 ° C, maintained for 5 minutes, and the temperature is raised to 200 ° C at a rate of 50 ° C per minute. , maintain for 15 minutes; the injector temperature is 200 ° C; the detector temperature is 250 ° C; the headspace bottle equilibrium temperature is 90 ° C, the equilibration time is 20 minutes, the reference solution and the test solution are separately injected into the headspace, recording Chromatogram. Calculated by peak area according to the external standard method, it should meet the requirements.

Take this product, according to the moisture determination method (2010 edition of the second edition of the Pharmacopoeia Appendix VIII M first method A), the water content should not exceed 5.0%.
Hepatitis B surface antigen
Take this product, add 0.9% sodium chloride solution to make 10mg solution per 1ml, measured according to the kit instructions, should be negative.

Abnormal toxicity
Take this product, add sodium chloride injection to dissolve and make a solution containing 2000 units per 1ml, check according to law (2010 edition of the second edition of the Pharmacopoeia Appendix XIC), according to intravenous injection, should meet the requirements.

Bacterial endotoxin
Take this product and check it according to law (Appendix XI E of the Pharmacopoeia, 2010). The amount of endotoxin per unit of gonadotropin should be less than 0.010 EU.

Potency determination
Accurately weigh the appropriate amount of this product and the velvet stimulating standard. According to the indicated potency, add 0.9% sodium borate solution containing 0.1% bovine serum albumin to dissolve and quantitatively dilute to make a solution containing 10 units per 1ml. , with a new match. According to the velvet gonadotropin bioassay (2010 edition of the Pharmacopoeia Part II Appendix XIIE), it should meet the requirements, and the measured result should be 80% to 125% of the labeled amount.


Injectable Human Chorionic Gonadotropin HCG 5000iu/Vial Cas 96827-07-5 0


Fitness Tips~~



The Reverse Curl is generally a barbell. The main exercise targets are the forearm extension muscles, that is, the outside of the forearm, and the diaphragm of the upper arm.
Target muscle group: forearm muscle group
This exercise is mainly to exercise the wrist muscles, the extension of the finger muscles, exercise the diaphragm and diaphragm, and also have a slight exercise effect on the biceps.

Action essentials:

1. Preparation: The feet are separated, shoulder width, hands are holding the barbell, the middle distance grip; arms folded, holding the barbell in front of the thigh; the arms are close to the sides of the body, the knees are slightly flexed.

2. Training action: slowly raise your elbow and lift the barbell. You can lift as much as you can, but do not participate in the movement of the upper arm; pause briefly, then slowly lower the barbell and return to the starting position; repeat the above actions until the group is completed. Exercise.


1. During the whole movement, the arm should always be close to the sides of the body. As you slowly do this exercise, you will feel the arm is extremely hard. Try not to move back and forth between the elbows. When the barbell is bent to the apex of the action, the forearm's extensor muscles must still be under gravity. Lift the barbell elbow, the body should not swing and assist. The weight load used in the forearm exercises should not be too large.

2. This movement will also train the other arms of the lower arm and the big arm, which is very useful for increasing the arm circumference.

3. Pay attention to the difference between the barbell curling and gripping method of exercising the biceps. The different effects of the gripping method are completely different.




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