PT-141  (Bremelanotide)  CAS:32780-32-8 human grownth peptides white Lyophilized Powder
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PT-141  (Bremelanotide)  CAS:32780-32-8 human grownth peptides white Lyophilized Powder
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Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China
Brand Name: Pharma Grade
Certification: ISO,GMP
Model Number: 32780-32-8
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muscle building peptides


human growth steroids

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Packaging Details: boxes or other discreelty package,according the order quantity and different country.
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Supply Ability: 1000boxes/month
Name: PT-141
Other Name: Bremelanotide
Purity: 99.5%
Cas: 32780-32-8
Usage: Human Growth Peptides
Feature: Natural, Healthy
Product Description

PT-141 (Bremelanotide) CAS:32780-32-8 human grownth peptides white Lyophilized Powder


Polypeptides are compounds in which alpha-amino acids are linked together by peptide bonds and are also intermediates in protein hydrolysis. A compound obtained by dehydration condensation of two amino acid molecules is called a dipeptide, and analogously, a tripeptide, a tetrapeptide, a pentapeptide, and the like. A compound usually obtained by dehydration condensation of 10 to 100 amino acid molecules is called a polypeptide.




Peptide solid phase synthesis
Thymosin injection. This thymosin is mainly used for human immunity. Today, this peptide is in a phase of elimination. The once-popular "mad cow disease" in the world, this virus mainly phagocytizes proteins in the brain of animals and destroys brain tissue, cells and nerves. Once the human body is infected with the virus, it is more terrible than cancer, and eventually becomes a "plant man" or soon dies. There are also peptides extracted from human blood, and the side effects are also very large. It is not only easy to cause the human body to be infected with hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, HIV, sexually transmitted diseases, but also has an allergic reaction. When it appears, life is at stake.

Several methods
Solid phase synthesis, liquid phase synthesis
Companies that produce peptides in this way have one in Silicon Valley, USA. They mainly purchase amino acids produced by some fine chemical plants in the world as raw materials to synthesize a single peptide. They are intermediates for pharmaceutical raw materials, mainly used in western medicine formulas to enhance the efficacy and enhance the absorption rate and absorption rate of the human body.

Acidolysis or alkaline hydrolysis
This peptide is mainly found in Japan. The "soybean peptide" produced by the acid hydrolysis method is a "food additive" mainly used for foods for the elderly and children, and its purpose is to enhance the absorption of food by these two groups of people. The only countries in the world that have "soybean peptides" are Japan and China. However, the raw materials, hydrolysis methods and product properties used are quite different. The raw material used in Japan is soybean meal, and the hydrolysis method is acid method. The peptide acid chemical substance produced is difficult to be removed, and it has a bitter taste. It needs to be adsorbed and debittered by activated carbon, and activated carbon inevitably invades the peptide body.

Enzymatically produced bioactive peptide
Enzymatically produced bioactive peptides. This peptide is mainly produced in China and represents the level and trend of peptide research, development, production and innovation in the world today. The enzymatically produced bioactive peptide is a food-grade plant protease required by the human body to digest the food protein normally eaten by the human body into a small-molecule active polypeptide. It has strong biological activity and diversity, has attracted attention around the world, and has become a hot spot in the world today. For example, the “soybean peptide” produced by Wuhan Jiushengtang uses the soy protein isolate with a content of more than 90%. The hydrolysis method is enzymatic method, and the enzyme used is a food-grade plant protease. The "soybean peptide" produced has no bitter taste, and has a pleasant flavor and has no toxic side effects on the human body. The product is a terminal product and has been listed as a free-funded project by the China Innovation Fund. It has achieved industrial production. Its terminal product “Soybean Peptide” Oral Liquid is the world's first soy peptide end product produced by enzymatic method, in the 89th Canton Fair. It is favored by the world's merchants.


List as followings:


Product Name Quality Specification
RX-MGF 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-PEG MGF 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-CJC-1295 DAC 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-CJC-1295 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-PT-141 99.5% 10mg/vial,100mg/box
RX-MT-1 99.5% 10mg/vial,100mg/box
RX- MT-2 99.5% 10mg/vial,100mg/box
RX-GHRP-2 99.5% 10mg/vial,100mg/box
RX-GHRP-2 99.5% 5mg/vial,50mg/box
RX-GHRP-6 99.5% 10mg/vial,100mg/box
RX-GHRP-6 99.5% 5mg/vial,50mg/box
RX-Ipamorelin 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-Hexarelin 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-Sermorelin 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-Oxytocin 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-TB500 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-BPC 157 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-176-191 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-Triptorelin 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-Tesamorelin 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-Gonadorelin 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-Gonadorelin 99.5% 10mg/vial,100mg/box
RX-DSIP 99.5% 2mg/vial,20mg/box
RX-Selank 99.5% 5mg/vial,50mg/box


PT-141  (Bremelanotide)  CAS:32780-32-8 human grownth peptides white Lyophilized Powder 0

Fitness Tips~~


Weight-bearing rotation: detailed explanation of the gym equipment or barbell weight-bearing rotation
Weighted Twist is also an effective way to exercise the external oblique muscles. The gym generally has a corresponding device that can perform similar body rotations, which can be done without a simple barbell.

Target muscle group: external oblique muscle

Action essentials:

1. Stand, put the barbell on your shoulders, and hold the barbell with your hands to balance. The body is rotated to the left and right by the side waist, and the rotation is about 45 degrees, and the action needs to be braked at the extreme end.

2. Breathe naturally, don't suffocate.


1. Because the intensity is not enough, each group can do 50-100 times, 3-4 groups, will have a certain effect.

2. Controlled rotation, be careful not to sprain your waist.

3. Many devices in the gym have similar effects.

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