Legal Muscle Building Peptides IGF DES 1mg CAS 946870-92-4 GMP Certified
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Legal Muscle Building Peptides IGF DES 1mg CAS 946870-92-4 GMP Certified
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Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China
Brand Name: Pharma Grade
Certification: ISO,GMP
Model Number: 946870-92-4
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muscle building peptides


human growth steroids

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Supply Ability: 1000boxes/month
Other Name: IGF DES Igtropin
Purity: 99.5%
Cas: 946870-92-4
Usage: Human Growth Peptides
Feature: Natural , Healthy
Product Description

legal muscle building Peptides IGF DES 1mg CAS946870-92-4 human growth Peptides




Insulin growth factor-1 (IGF-1) is a substance which in manufactured by recombinant DNA technology. IGF-1 is the primary mediator of the growth promoting effects of human growth hormone. As such, the substance also can stimulate the growth of bone, muscle, and internal organs. Its effects on skeletal muscle are also highly hyperplasic, meaning it causes an increase in cell number.


IGF-1 is basically a polypeptide hormone that has the same some of the same molecular properties as insulin. In fact, IGF actually stands for insulin-like growth factor. IGF-1 is primarily responsible for long bone growth in children and it also affects muscle growth and repair of adults. Long R3 IGF-1 is a more potent version of IGF-1. It’s chemically altered to prevent deactivation by IGF-1 binding proteins in the bloodstream. This results in a longer half-life of 20-30 hours instead of 20 min.



Product Applications:


Legal Muscle Building Peptides IGF DES 1mg CAS 946870-92-4 GMP Certified 0



List as followings:


Product name CAS number Purity From which factory
Boldenoe cypionate CAS106505-90-2 99% Rongxinbio
Boldenoe undecylenate CAS13103-34-9 99.5% Rongxinbio
Formestane CAS566-48-3 98% Rongxinbio
Mestanolone CAS521-11-9 99% Rongxinbio
Mesterolone CAS1424-00-6 99%BP Rongxinbio
Methandienone CAS72-63-9 99%BP Rongxinbio
Methenolone Acetate CAS434-05-9 98% Rongxinbio
Methenolone Enanthate CAS303-42-4 98% Rongxinbio
Oxymetholone CAS434-07-1 99%USP Rongxinbio
Oxandrolone CAS53-39-4 99%USP Rongxinbio
Stanozolol CAS10418-03-8 99%USP Rongxinbio
Drostanolone Propionate CAS521-12-0 98% Rongxinbio
Drostanolone enanthate //////// 98% Rongxinbio
Exemestane CAS107868-30-4 98% Rongxinbio
Testosterone CAS58-22-0 99%USP Rongxinbio
Testosterone Cypionate CAS58-20-8 99%USP Rongxinbio
Testosterone Decanoate CAS5721-91-5 99%USP Rongxinbio
Testosterone Enanthate CAS315-37-7 99%USP Rongxinbio
Testosterone Isocaproate CAS57-85-2 99%USP Rongxinbio
Testosterone Phyenylpropionate CAS1255-49-8 99%USP Rongxinbio
Testosterone Propionate CAS57-85-2 99%USP Rongxinbio
Testosterone Undecanoate CAS5949-44-0 99%CP2005 Rongxinbio
Testosterone Acetate CAS1045-69-8 98% Rongxinbio
sustanon //////// 98% Rongxinbio
Chlordehydromethyl Testosterone Acetate CAS855-19-6 99% Rongxinbio
Methyltestosterone CAS58-18-4 99%USP Rongxinbio
Fluoxymesterone CAS76-43-7 98% Rongxinbio
Nandrolone CAS434-22-0 98% Rongxinbio
Nandrolone Decanoate CAS360-70-3 99%USP Rongxinbio
Nandrolone Phenypropionate CAS62-90-8 99%USP Rongxinbio
Trenbolone Acetate CAS10161-34-9 99%USP Rongxinbio
Trenbolone Enanthate //////// 99%USP Rongxinbio
methyltrenbolone CAS965-93-5 98% Rongxinbio
17a-Methyl-1-Testosterone //////// 98% Rongxinbio
Estra-4,9-diene-3,17-dione 98% CAS5173-46-6 99% Rongxinbio
Tadalafil CAS171596-29-5 99%USP Rongxinbio



Fitness tips


push ups:
Mainly exercises the muscles of the upper limbs, waist and abdomen, especially the chest muscles. It is recommended to have 30 groups, and the action should be standard. Every 4 groups or so. At the same time, you can practice three heads.


Flexing arms and extensions:
The parallel bars are flexed and extended to practice the chest muscles, triceps and deltoids (anterior bundles), and the latissimus dorsi and trapezius muscles are also practiced. This action has multiple effects, and different practices produce different effects. Two chairs can be used at home instead.


Flat dumbbell press:
The action is as shown. The weight of the dumbbell is selected according to its own situation, a group of 8-12 4 groups.


The action is shown in the figure and can be done on the door frame at home. A group of 12-14, 6 groups. At first, you may not be able to do a few, or even pull it, but as long as you persist, your own strength will be increased.


Dumbbell press:
Dumbbell presses can exercise the strength of the arm. Personal feeling that the one-arm effect is good, the left and right arms are made separately


Standing posture
Exercise your back muscles and triceps

There are two postures on the map, the second effect is better, and the difficulty is slightly larger.


Legal Muscle Building Peptides IGF DES 1mg CAS 946870-92-4 GMP Certified 1

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