T3 powder Liothyronine Weight Loss Powder T3 Liothyronine Cas 6893-02-3 For Females
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T3 powder Liothyronine Weight Loss Powder T3 Liothyronine Cas 6893-02-3 For Females
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Name: T3
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T3 Liothyronine sodium Tablets/ T3 Liothyronine Powdercas6893-02-3 natural steroids for muscle building



T3 , L-Triiodothyronine
They are a group of iodine-containing tyrosines, which are synthesized in thyroid gland cells using iodine and tyrosine as raw materials.
When the thyroid gland is affected by TSH and releases thyroid hormone, the glandular epithelial cells first swallow the thyroglobulin in the follicular cavity into the glandular cells by swallowing, and decompose the thyroglobulin under the action of lysosomal proteolytic enzyme. The released T4 and T3 are resistant to deiodinase, and the molecules are small and can enter the blood circulation through the capillaries. The number of T4 on the thyroglobulin molecule far exceeds T3, so T4 accounts for about 90% of the total secreted hormone, and T3 secretion is less, but its activity is 5 times that of T4. The total daily secretion of T4 is about 96 μg, and T3 is about 30 μg. After T4 is released into the blood, part of it is bound to plasma protein, and the other part is transported in the free state in the blood. The two can change each other to maintain the dynamic balance of T4 and T3 in the blood. Because only the free type can enter the cell. Play a role. After T3 is released into the blood, it has a predominantly free form because of its low affinity to plasma proteins. About 50% of T4 deiodination is converted to T3 every day, so the role of T3 cannot be ignored.

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What is Triiodothyronine ?

Serum T3 and T4 determinations are commonly used in the diagnosis of thyroid disease, including determination of serum total T3 (T T3), total T4 (T T4) and free T3 (F T3), free T4 (F T4), and reagents for thyroid examination. The difference is different, the reference value is different. Let us look at the clinical significance of T3 and T4:
1. If the serum T T3, T T4, FT3, FT4 increase, especially the increase of T T3 is more obvious, it is hyperthyroidism. In a small number of patients, only serum T T3 is elevated, and serum T T4 is still in the normal range. In a very small number of patients, serum T T4 is increased, while T T3 is not significantly increased.
2. If the serum T T3, T T4, FT3, FT4 is decreased, especially the decrease of T T4 is more obvious, it is hypothyroidism. In a small number of hypothyroidism patients, serum T T4 is reduced, while serum T T3 can be in the normal range.
3, the following conditions must be measured serum F T3, F T4 to reflect the patient's thyroid function status, and the determination of serum TT3, TT4 can not explain its functional status.
(1) pregnancy; (2) taking contraceptives; (3) abnormal concentration of congenital thyroid hormone carrier protein; (4) treatment with adrenocortical hormone; (5) chronic liver and kidney disease.

T3 Triiodothyronine Use as a fat loss supplement:

3,5-Diiodo-L-thyronine and 3,3'-diiodo-L-thyronine are used as ingredients in certain over-the-counter fat-loss supplements, designed for bodybuilding. Several studies have shown that these compounds increase the metabolization of fatty acids and the burning of adipose fat tissue in rats.



1) Promote growth and development
2) Effects on metabolism
3) Other aspects, such as thyroid hormones, also play an important role in the activity of some organs. It is important for maintaining the excitability of the nervous system. Thyroid hormone can directly act on the myocardium, promote the release of Ca2+ from the sarcoplasmic reticulum, increase myocardial contractility, and increase heart rate.
T3T4 is also an important basis for identifying the presence or absence of thyroid function disease





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The back of the leg? Although not eye-catching, it does not mean that it can be ignored!
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2. The upper back is close to the ground, the legs are straight, and the core muscles tighten the body of the torso into a straight line!
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2. The whole process moves to keep the core tight. A total of 8 times, 3 groups, group and group rest for 60 seconds.

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