Anabolic Steroids CAS 72-63-9 Raw Bodybuilding Supplements White Powder
Anabolic Steroids CAS 72-63-9 Raw Bodybuilding Supplements White Powder
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: KungFu-Steroid
Certification: ISO,GMP
Model Number: 72-63-9
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72-63-9 dianabol powder


Anabolic Steroids Raw Bodybuilding Supplements


CAS 72-63-9

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Supply Ability: 1000kg/month
Name: Methandienone
Other Name: Dianabol
Purity: 99%
CAS No:: 72-63-9
Usage: Raw Steroid Powders
Feature: Natural And Healthy
Product Description

Legal Anabolic Steroids Dianabol Metandienone CAS 72-63-9 White Powder Bodybuilding Supplements


Dianabol Details:


Product name:Dianabol,Metandienone,Methandrostenolone
Einecs No: 200-787-2
Purity:99% min
MF: C20H28O2
MW: 300.43512
Appearance:White crystalline powder
Categories:Biochemistry; Hydroxyketosteroids; Steroids
Quality standard: USP30
Usage:Pharmaceutical material, Steroid hormone, Anabolin
Packing:1kg net/foil bag or tin.

Dianabol (methandrostenolone, methandienone) has been one of the most important anabolic steroids in bodybuilding ever since its introduction in 1958. Also commonly known as “Dbol”, this oral compound is best used for steroid cycles in combination with injectable steroids, but can be of value used alone as well.


Dianabol COA and HPLC:


Description Almost White Crystalline Powder white powder
Identification IR,UV Positive
Solubility Practically insoluble in water,soluble in Conforms
  96% ethanol, in chloroform & glacial acetic acid, slightly soluble in ether
Assay(On dry basis) 97.0~103.0% 99.70%
Loss On Drying 0.5%max 0.22%
Residue On Ignition 0.2%max 0.03%
Specific Rotation +7° ~ +11°(1% w/v solution in 96% ethanol solution) +9.3°
Melting Point 163~167℃ 164.5~165.5℃
Related Substances Methyltestosterone: 0.5%max <0.5%
  Any other non-specified: 0.5%max <0.5%
Residual Solvents Ethyl Acetate:5000PPm max 210PPm
Conclusion The specification conform with BP80 standard


What is Dianabol?


Dianabol is one of the most effective anabolic steroids around. It can truly increase anybody’s muscle mass significantly and very quickly. Commonly referred to as D-bol in bodybuilding circles, this steroid acts on various body processes simultaneously to boost muscle production and fat reduction.


Dianabol has a very potent ingredient that helps you to gain muscle, lose fat, and increase strength permanently. The active ingredient in this steroid is methandrostenolone. It has the potential to boost muscle production in a short time.


Dianabol Usage:


1) As a tonic:


Metandienone confiscated by the DEA in 2008.
In the early 1960s, doctors commonly prescribed daily metandienone for women as a tonic. This was quickly discontinued upon discovery of its heavily masculinizing effects.


2) Bodybuilding:


Despite the lack of any known therapeutic applications, the drug remained legal until 2001.The United States Congress added certain kinds of steroids which may or may not include metandienone to the Controlled Substances Act as an amendment known as the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990. This act placed steroids in the same category as some amphetamines as a "Schedule III" drug and possession of these drugs results in a felony. It is used by bodybuilders and metandienone continues to be used illegally to this day, typically being combined (stacked) with injectable compounds, such as testosterone propionate, enanthate, cypionate as well as other injectable drugs liketrenbolone acetate.

Several successful athletes and professional bodybuilders have admitted long-term metandienone use before the drug was banned, including Arnold Schwarzenegger.Other steroids stacked with metandienone are primarily, if not always, injectable compounds such as testosterone, trenbolone and nandrolone. Large doses and long-term use of metandienone have been associated with eccentric left ventricular hypertrophy which presents substantially increased risks of cardiomyopathy if and when the hypertrophyatrophies. Athleticism is typically associated with left-ventricular hypertrophy; however, natural athleticism generally presents concentric left ventricular growth which is not linked to an increased risk of cardiomyopathy.


3) Detection of use:


Metandienone is subject to extensive hepatic biotransformation by a variety of enzymatic pathways. The primary urinary metabolites are detectable for up to 3 days, and a recently discovered hydroxymethyl metabolite is found in urine for up to 19 days after a single 5 mg oral dose. Several of the metabolites are unique to metandienone. Methods for detection in urine specimens usually involve gas chromatography-mass spectrometry.


Benefits of using Dianabol:


Dianabol is an extremely potent muscle building steroid that has both anabolic and androgenic effects on a person. The anabolic nature of Dianabol increases nitrogen retention and in turn muscle production. Its ability to increase nitrogen reaction improves a person’s feeling of well-being and protein manufacture in the body. The steroid also helps a person’s body to adjust quickly to increased workloads which reduces fatigue.


When on Dianabol, bodybuilders add 2 to 4 pounds of weight every week for one and a half months. It significantly increases body strength but it is most effective when combined with a proper exercise program and diet.


As I said before, Dianabol improves a person’s feeling of well-being which makes people to refer it as the feel-good steroid. Dianabol provides a normalizing effect on numerous processes that are responsible for physical and mental health.


Dianabol improves a person’s quality of sleep and protects them from burning out due to frequent training. Dianabol reduces exhaustion because of its ability to improve RNA synthesis during strenuous workouts. It reduces catabolic stress in a user - a fact that enables it to perform better than other people as well as to recover quickly after strenuous training.


Dianabol helps bodybuilders to keep proteins in the muscles. D-bol causes a significant improvement in insulin growth. Insulin is a catabolic substance produced in the liver and utilized in other body tissues and it is very important in metabolism.


Dianabol therefore ensures that the body’s metabolic processes work properly even in times of intense training, mental stress, and caloric restriction. This function prevents the body from breaking down protein to produce energy during extreme workouts thereby maintaining the integrity of muscles.


Numerous sportsmen have made Dianabol their most trusted steroid and use it frequently to enhance muscle growth and maintain physical performance at its peak.


It is one of the steroids available on the market that has both psychological and physical effects. There have been anecdotal reports of it increasing testosterone production which is necessary for increasing muscle mass.


Dianabol Dosage:


1) First Time Use - Newbie Dbol Dosage:


If you've never supplemented with a particular anabolic steroid before, it's always best to keep the dose rather low your first go around in-order to ensure you do not run into trouble. You need to find out how you respond to a particular steroid, and in this case, if your Dbol dosage is too high and you run into problems you're only going to bring extra and unneeded stress onto your body. With this in mind, 10mg per day will provide androgen replacement, but for a true anabolic effect you're going to need a Dbol dosage of 20mg per day. This is a perfect dose for a newbie; 25mg per day can be considered, but you really shouldn't exceed this point. Further, while it may be low, such a dose is guaranteed to see your mass and strength increase significantly if you provide adequate calories; it may be low, but it's far from weak. Moreover, for many it may be all the Dianabol they ever need or desire, and if that's the case, such a Dbol dosage will provide the gains you desire each and every time.


2) Increasing the Dose:


If you enjoyed a positive response to 20mg to 25mg per day and desire more, you bet more can be used, and still within the realm of safety; after all, if you enjoyed a previous positive response you are like most men a positive responder. If this is the case, a Dbol dosage of 30mg to 50mg per day can be considered. For most men, 50mg per day will be the max they ever need or desire to use; once you surpass this amount the risks associated with adverse effects increase significantly. Of course, with any dose you need to be aware of such effects, and every time you increase it the risk goes up; however, it will go up substantially above 50mg per day. Even so, we mentioned above there can be an exception to this rule, and it is a small one. Some competitive bodybuilders may find a need for larger doses during their off-season, but such doses should never be used for more than 2 weeks due to this steroid's strong hepatotoxic nature. For example, if the bodybuilder starts with 50mg every day, he could increase it to 75mg or even 100mg per day for a couple of weeks, but he would need to end use at this point.


Dianabol Cook Recipe:


1) 20ml @ 50 mg/ml
1 gram of Methandrostenolone powder
1 beaker suitable for holding the volume of liquids
19 ml of 190 Proof Grain Alcohol


2) 250ml @ 80 mg/ml
20 gram of Methandrostenolone powder (1ml=1.12g)17.86ml
40ml BB
10ml BA
182.14ml Grapeseed Oil


3) 250ml @ 80 mg/ml
20g Dianabol powder (1.12g/ml )17.86ml 1g=0.89ml
60ml BB
15ml BA
157.14ml Grapeseed oil


4) 100ml @ 50mg/ml
dianabol 5g (5.6ml)
2% BA
18% BB
30% EO
Grapeseed oil 29.4ml


5) 50ml @ 50mg/ml
2.5g powder 2.23ml
1% ba 0.5ml
18% bb 9ml
15% guaiacol 7.5ml
red oil 31.77ml (1ml=0.909g)

Anabolic Steroids CAS 72-63-9 Raw Bodybuilding Supplements White Powder 0

Product other name: MF: Quality
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Boldenone undecanoate C30H44O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Bold Cyp C26H38O3 99.5%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Clomifene Citrate C32H36ClNO8 98%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Turinabol C21H29ClO3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Drostanolone Prop C23H36O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Drostanolone Enan C40H52O4 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Methyldienedione C19H20O2 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Aromasin C20H24O2 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Halotestin C20H29FO3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-4-androsten-4-ol-3,17-dione C19H26O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-17-Methyltestosterone C20H30O2 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-dianabol C20H28O2 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Primobolan C22H32O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Methenolone Enan C27H42O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Methyltrienolone C19H24O2 99%
19-nortestosterone C18H26O2 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Nand Deca C28H44O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-anavar C19H30O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Anadrol C21H32O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Oxytocin C43H66N12O12S2 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Viagra C22H30N6O4S 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-winstrol C21H32N2O 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Viagra C22H30N6O4S 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-cialis C22H19N3O4 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Tamoxifen C26H29NO 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Testosterone C19H28O2 99.5%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Test ace C21H30O3 99.5%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Test cyp C27H40O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-testosterone caproate C29H46O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Test enan C26H40O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Testostero C22H32O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-retandrol C28H36O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Test Prop C22H32O3 99%
KUNGFU STEROID1210-Testosterone Undecanoate C20H24O3 99%
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