76-43-7 Fluoxymesterone Powder C20H29FO3 Raw Androgen
76-43-7 Fluoxymesterone Powder C20H29FO3 Raw Androgen
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Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China
Brand Name: Pharma Grade
Certification: ISO,GMP
Model Number: 76-43-7
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76-43-7 Fluoxymesterone Powder


C20H29FO3 Fluoxymesterone Powder

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Name: Fluoxymesterone
Other Name: Halotestin
Purity: 99%
Cas: 76-43-7
Usage: Raw Steroid Powders
Feature: Natural And Healthy
Product Description

Fluoxymesterone 76-43-7 C20H29FO3 Raw Androgen Stock Manufacturer


Product title: Fluoxymesterone



Flumethyltestosterone is an oral anabolic steroid derived from testosterone. More specifically, it is a methyl testosterone derivative differentiated by the addition of 11-β -hydroxyl and 9-α -fluoride groups, resulting in a potent oral non-aromatic steroid with strong androgenic properties. Flumetestosterone is much more androgenic than testosterone, and at the same time, the anabolism of the drug is thought to be moderate, making flumetestosterone an agent for increasing strength but not ideal for gaining muscle mass. The main effect of taking flutestosterone is to increase strength, increase muscle density, and increase clarity, but only modestly.




Flumetestosterone first appeared in 1956. It was determined in the same year and was shown to have about 20 times the anabolic potency of methyl testosterone (its relative anabolic effect is not quite strong in humans). Known as Halotestin (Upjohn), it was soon recommended to the PRESCRIPTION drug market in the United States, and soon changed to Ultandren (Ciba). The drug was originally described as a halogenated derivative of testosterone with five times the anabolic and androgenic potency of methyl testosterone. Early prescribing guidelines indicated that it can be used to promote lean tissue repair and growth in situations such as burns, delayed fracture healing, chronic malnutrition, debilitating disease, paraplegia, or catabolism caused by long-term cortisone use. It is also used to treat inadequate androgen levels in men and abnormal bleeding in utero and advanced breast cancer in women.

By the mid-1970s, the FDA had taken more control of the American drug market. One of the first major changes to steroid drugs is the FDA's requirement for strong validation of every potential drug. Prescribing guidelines for flumetestosterone were quickly refined, showing that the drug was effective in treating various forms of androgen deficiency in men, reducing postpartum breast pain, and treating inoperable androgen-responsive breast cancer in women. It is also listed as a "possible agent" for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Current guidelines for prescribing flumetestosterone list only the treatment of androgen deficiency in men and breast cancer in women.


In recent years, flumetestosterone has become increasingly seen as a controversial drug in the eyes of most clinicians. Its adverse effects on hepatotoxicity and potential lipid and cardiovascular risk factors are often cited as reasons to prohibit its use in the treatment of androgen deficiency in other healthy men. Today, testosterone formulations (injections, gels, patches, implants, etc.) are generally preferred for this purpose, which replenish the body's missing androgen (testosterone, DHT) and are not the more toxic synthetic derivatives. Flumetestosterone is still sold in the United States, but as a generic drug, its supply outside the United States remains limited.


Specifications provided:

Flutestosterone is usually 5mg or 10mg per tablet.


Usage (general) :

Studies have shown that concomitant oral anabolic steroids with food may reduce their bioavailability. This is caused by the fat-soluble nature of steroid hormones, which may cause some drugs to dissolve in undigested dietary fat, reducing its absorption by the gastrointestinal tract. For maximum use, this steroid should be taken on an empty stomach.


Use (male) :

For physical or performance enhancement purposes, the effective oral daily dose will fall in the 10-40 mg range, but the period generally does not exceed 6-8 weeks to minimize hepatotoxicity. This level is sufficient for a measurable gain in muscle strength to produce a modest increase in lean muscle mass.

Flumetestosterone is commonly used in weight restriction athletes such as wrestlers, weightlifters and boxers. Because they get their strength from flumetestosterone without a lot of weight gain. When used correctly, it can keep an athlete within his designated weight range while greatly improving his performance. Flutestosterone is also commonly used in preparation for bodybuilding competitions. When athletes have an acceptably low body fat percentage, androgen levels (without excess estrogen) can give muscles a very hard and sharp (" torn ") appearance. The change in the androgen/estrogen ratio seems to bring about another state in which the body can burn excess fat and prevent new fat storage. Thus, the "hardening" effect of flumetestosterone is similar to that of neferone, although the level of mass gain will vary.

During the cutting phase, flumetestosterone is usually stacked with milder synthetic metabolites (such as Deca-Durabolin or Equipoise) because they provide good anabolism without excessive accumulation of estrogen. Here, flumetestosterone also provides a much needed androgen component to promote firmer and sharper gains in muscle mass with less disruption to energy and libido than might be possible with anabolic agents alone. Perhaps Primobolan-Depot might be a better choice, since such a combination, there is no accumulation of estrogen, also less worry about water and fat retention. For quality, people may use injections of testosterone. For example, a mixture of 400mg of testosterone and 20-30mg of flumetestosterone per week often provides a significant increase in strength and lean muscle mass. However, since both compounds exhibit strong androgenic activity in vivo, a higher degree of androgenic side effects is usually present when this combination is used.


Use (women) :

Flumetestosterone is most commonly used as an adjunct in inoperable androgen-sensitive breast cancers when other therapies fail to produce the desired results. Doses for this purpose are 10-40mg daily. In these patients, only 10 to 15mg daily dose can maintain the effect. Flumetestosterone is not recommended for physical or performance enhancement purposes because of its androgenic potency and tendency to produce side effects.


76-43-7 Fluoxymesterone Powder C20H29FO3 Raw Androgen 0


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