Nordictropin 12iu Hgh Hormone Powder 191 AA CAS 12629-01-5 99% Purity
1 kit
Nordictropin 12iu Hgh Hormone Powder 191 AA CAS 12629-01-5 99% Purity
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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Nordictropin
Certification: iso9001
Model Number: Nordictropin
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12iu Hgh Hormone Powder


Nordictropin Hormone Powder


12629-01-5 Human Growth Hormone

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Packaging Details: perfect packaging
Delivery Time: the same day when you pay
Payment Terms: Western Union, T/T, MoneyGram, world remit and PayPal
Supply Ability: Enough
Purity: 99%
Other Names: Somatropin
Product Name: Different Types Human Best Choice Growth Muscle HGH Powder Form
Package: 10iu
Valid Date: 2 Years
Other Name: Hgh 191 AA
Product Description

Nordictropin 12iu Hgh Hormone Powder 191 AA CAS 12629-01-5 99% Purity




Product Name HGH 12iu
CAS NO. CAS 12629-01-5
MF C990H1529N263O299S7
Purity 99%
Outlook White powder
origin China
MOQ 1 box




Human Growth Hormone, commonly referred to as HGH or HGH 191AA, is produced in healthy humans by the pituitary gland, which is located at the base of the brain.As the name suggests, HGH controls the growth of the body, making sure that cells grow and mature at the proper rate.


HGH is discovered when doctors are trying to understand why some children are not developing at the right rate and are still very small and weak.It was found that injections of HGH corrected the problem and allowed the children to grow normally.This is obviously a huge blessing for those with special conditions, but as an interesting branch of that research, it was found that HGH can affect the growth of normal people.Thus HGH therapy was born.


Once derived from human cadavers, HGH is now produced in strictly controlled conditions by recombinant DNA technology. This process has undergone extended safety trials, and HGH is considered appropriate for use in humans.


Function of hgh 191 aa


HGH 191 aa powder is a great solution for those who want to stay in shape and build muscle and those whose body is not producing enough growth hormone.HGH 191 aa increases the work of the metabolism, thereby reducing excess body fat and helping gain muscle.Its function is to stimulate our body to produce and release muscle growth, rather than directly affecting it.One of the significant benefits of HGH 191 aa powder is that it not only helps reduce fat, but also helps to use it to build strength, many athletes consume it at the same time to prevent injuries during sports as it strengthens connective tissue, tendons and cartilage.

Nordictropin 12iu Hgh Hormone Powder 191 AA CAS 12629-01-5 99% Purity 0


Product Name Specification Product Name Specification
10bottles=1Kit 10Vials=1Kit
KUNGFU STEROID 060801-CJC-1295 without DAC 2mg/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060821-Hexarelin 2mg/bottles
KUNGFU STEROID 060802-CJC-1295 with DAC 2mg/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060822-Ipamorelin 2mg/bottles
KUNGFU STEROID 060803-GHRP-2 5mg/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060823-Sermorelin 2mg/bottles
KUNGFU STEROID 060804-GHRP-6 5mg/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060824-Melanotan II 10mg/bottles
KUNGFU STEROID 060805-HGH Fragment 176-191 2mg/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060825-PT-141 10mg/bottles
Red tops/black tops/HGH 10iu/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060826-TB-500 10mg/bottles
Green tops HGH 8iu/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060827-TB-500 5mg/bottles
Yellow tops HGH 6iu/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060828-TB-500 2mg/bottles
Pink tops HGH 4iu/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060829-PEG MGF 2mg/bottles
Original Jintropin HGH 10iu/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060830-MGF 2mg/bottles
Kigtropin HGH -10iu 10iu/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060831-EPO(Erythropoietin) 3000iu/bottles
Hygetropin HGH-10iu 10iu/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060832-GDF-8 1mg/bottles
HCG-5000iu 5Kiu/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060833-DSIP 5mg/bottles
Livzon HCG-50000iu 2Kiu/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060834-SNAP-8 5mg/bottles
IGF-1 LR3-1mg 1mg/bottles KUNGFU STEROID 060835-Selank 5mg/bottles
IGF-1 LR3---0.1mg 0.1mg/bottles    
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